Thursday 8 January 2009

Dotties World Challenge - 'ave a laugh

Great challenge set by Karen this week over at Dotties World and it went like this ... I am a demon for incorporating funny elements onto my work, well I think they're funny anyway LOL, and I want to see what you can do to make us all smile. This then is the challenge: "Start the New Year with a Laugh" . I simply want to see "something funny" on your project, what you use and how you make it is up to you. Oh and of course you must use one of the Charmed downloads. At first it sounded easy then it seemed that all my humour left home! then on Monday Louly posted some fantastic one liners, certainly cheered me up on a cold Monday morning I can tell you, so I sat down this evening and put my thinking cap on and while looking thru my downloaded images I saw golfing George - now my dad is a bit of a golfer and his birthday is coming up in May so I put 2 + 2 together and went trawling the internet for a suitable comment found a couple that really made me smile and a couple that were not for the children in the family! so I start thinking of the design and realise I really need some stash that I've got on order so have to put the card on hold so instead of not crafting I thought I'd just have a bit of a play, found some paper (digi) I really liked and thought it would work really well with another download image and well the rest as they say is history! Here is the finished card which I hope someone will find at least a little amusing! Have used Sarah's shopping (I love this image) and then the flowers and paper are from Sweet Blossom Designs and are an add on to Vicki - A Work In Progress - kit called Country Life. A few drop shadows to give it a bit of depth, printed onto photographic paper and its done! TFL. Sometimes feels like doing it digi is cheating - no cutting and glueing all the individual bits but I do enjoy putting them together in PSE5 and its just one of the reasons that I love the downloads! Right be back tomorrow and you never know I might be back with the golf one! x Oh yes I nearly forgot one of the most important things I was supposed to tell you about! Well you know that darling Scruff from the Animal Magic download at Charmed Cards & Crafts (yes I thought you would all know who I meant) well Louly has decided to give him a bath, (pop over to Dotties World and check him out) anyway anyone who enters this weeks challenge will receive Scruff in the Tub as a particpation gift - which is why I just had to complete the challenge!lol

PS sorry that was a long waffle tonight and thank you if you managed to hang on in there and get to the end of it! x


  1. LOl... I had a chuckle!! :) the card looks great Jac!! I look forward to seeing your golfing card too!

  2. It's great Jac! It most certainly isn't cheating to digi craft, you still print out and work on it after that. That's what the downloads are all about!
    Thanks for taking part in my challenge (and I did read right to the bottom of your post :-))


  3. I read right to the end too Jac! You really made me chuckle.I love your card, Sarah's Shopping does seem to be a popular one, you've done a great job with it.
    Thanks for playing. xxxx

  4. what a great fun card jac can't wait to see your dads card:)


  5. Great card and great waffle I read to the end and it really made me chuckle. Looking forward to seeing you dads card, and I do not think Digi crafting is cheating you still have to put it together

  6. I read to the end Jac! lol!!!

    The card is great! Love it xxx

  7. Absoulutely wonderful, love this girly card and the quote is inspired, very funny!!!!


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