Tuesday 27 January 2009

Still nothing to show!

but I have completed my little project for Crafty Muse! and I have managed to clear my shed, sweep it down and out (yes down! there are no longer any spider webs out there well not when I shut the door this evening but no doubt there will be by tomorrow morning!lol) Adrian popped home at lunch time and to my surprise offered to get the shelving down from the attic then rather than me having to wait til this evening - bonus! lol so the shelving is up and a few things have made it back into the shed but tomorrow I start on the kitchen, uummm great sorting cupboards! what a great way to spend my leave! lol Still I will feel really good about it when its all done. shocked the bin men today when they came round as this week is recycling so instead of just the box and 1 possible 2 green bags we had the box for tins and glass, 2 green bags of card/paper and then 3 large cardboard boxes filled with cardboard - now that was therapeutic filling those boxes with old boxes that I gleefully ripped apart I must have looked quite a sight there in the garden yesterday. lol In addition to the recycling I think I ended up with about 7 or 9 black bags full of rubbish too I couldnt believe how much rubbish we had been hording though my mum would tell you she isnt the slightest bit surprised hey mum?! anyway its now time for bed and hopefully tomorrow evening I will do some crafting that I will be able to show you! Goodnight and thanks for stopping by. x


  1. yes dear you are a little horder, just wish I could pop down and show you how to do it properly. I'm sure you will be pleased with youself when the task is complete

  2. you have been a busy lady!! I know lots about hording... your mum can pop over here and show me how to do it too if she likes?!


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