Friday 5 September 2008

Pudding Dottie

Well here are the Pudding Dottie and Tree that I tried to do as you can see Dotties facial expression has gone as has her holly! and the tree is just coming apart but I thought I'd show you anyway so you get an idea of what I was trying to do and the pics dont really show the glitter that was added either!


  1. A window scene is a fabulous idea Jac - sorry it didn't turn out as you'd hoped, it's such a pain isn't it? Lou is an expert on using glass paints - I've seen her work before, so I'm sure she could help you out.
    Juliet xxx

  2. Hey! It's getting there!! Keep working on it and I'm sure it will be fab!! Don't give up!

  3. I haven't used those cling on type paints for ages...but can't you continue to build them up with another layer if necessary?

    It's a great idea Jac and with a little bit more detail back on Dottie they will look even more fab.

    love Dingle.x

  4. I think it's a fabulous idea Jac, don't give up on it, it's already looking great. Do you have any black relief paint?(outliner) I would carefully pop her face back on with that and then add some spots of glue and red gliter for cherries on the pud and tree decorations.

  5. it's a fabby idea Jac,don't give up on it girl,you'll do it lass:)


  6. I think they look fab anyway Jac, they didn't go wrong, they are abstract interpritations on window clings lol!! P.S Hope Ria is loving the big school!
    Love Becky xx

  7. Oh wow!! What an Awesome idea!! :)
    I think it does still look good.. try it again :)How fun!!
    We used to use those paints when I worked in Afterschool care.... you can use them on a sheet of acetate and then when it's dry transfer the image to the window!?


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