Thursday 25 September 2008

No crafting!

Been a busy couple of days work wise and as a result no time to craft but I now have the next 3 days off so hopefully be able to get down to some crafting - mind you I have come home with a terrible pain down the right side of my back under the shoulder and at the moment am in quite a bit of pain which has made it difficult tonight to start crafting even though I really want to work on a card, I have just managed to colour an image and add the glitter glue but thats it so hopefully an early night (well it is for me!) and Ria's microwave hot pack and I will be back to normal or at least not in as much pain so that I can craft but not do the hw! lol - like I need an excuse not to do that! Back tomorrow for a proper look round all your blogs til then goodnight and take care. xx


  1. hope ya feel better soon Jac,look forward to your creations.

    sending hugs to ya babe


  2. Aww, poor you!! I think no crafting is becoming a theme with everyone this week!! We are all being very bad crafters lol!!
    Love Becky xx


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