Friday 19 September 2008

Spam Rant!

Ok a couple of weeks ago I removed the letter verifier thingy and this morning for the first time I have had 3 comments left which were links to sellers of finance and the like, I do hope this does not continue or I am afraid I will have to put the verifier back on which I know some people do not like but I dont like the spammers, why do they have to spoil things for everyone. If I want information I will go looking for it I dont want it rammed down my pc at me! Sorry rant over.

On a brighter note Good Morning fellow bloggers, it is a beautiful day here today and I have to go to work, but on the up side of that I am planning on doing some crafting at work with our guys I even get to take one to the local craft shop because my craft supplies are not endless! Well I hope I might even fit a card in before I go you never know! Bye for now. x


  1. Hello!! Yes ... it's rather annoying.. I've had a few lotto ones.. but usually just delete them! I hope you do not get too many more!!
    Oooh... have fun crafting at work! :)

  2. i've had a few banks and lotto ones,they seem to all come in one go but they have to go through me before they are published so i just delete them,but in all honesty i don't get that many :)

    enjoy your crafting at work, look forward to seeing what you create:)


  3. I would put it back on If I were you Jac. I don't quite get the word varification arguement anyway, it doesn't take long to type in a few letters and I would never expect anyone to risk the security of their blog just to make life easier for me. Maybe I'm just a rebel LOL!


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