Friday 5 September 2008

Ugh it didnt work!

Well my idea didnt work I think it is because the tools I was using were old and running out but I am dissapointed! :( I was trying to make christmas window clings using peelable paints and glitter I had planned to have a whole scene but started with a tree and pudding Dottie but they just didnt work properly - the outlines are peeling away separtely from the colours the colours are cracking as I peel and they are heading to the bin and no I have to work super hard and quick to come up with another idea so back to the drawing board I go!


  1. It might not have worked as you wanted but I love the idea I have not heard of peelable paints, this is someting I will have to try. Great idea

  2. keep at it Jac, you can do it ya know ya can:)


  3. Hi, I got this on my Google alerts.
    I make window clings professionally, you can visit my blog (I haven't posted in a long time, though)
    You should visit, you will learn everything you need to know plus get the best products in the market. Good luck!


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