Wednesday 10 September 2008

Can't craft!

Can't find my desk to be able to craft! Trying to have a huge sort out (and hopefully find shrink plastic in the process!) and re-organise my craft storage as now have another cupboard but its going very slowly and now I have to go to work this afternoon, mind you that does mean I don't have to do a night shift on Saturday so that is a bit of a bonus as I hate night shifts but still have to do one on Sunday (at the moment!) Ria's french teacher LOVED Dottie and Ria with 4 other class members received an award for their book covers so she is thrilled! She is loving school but complaining of being tired in the morning! (she's not even a teenager yet either! lol) Ok time to get back to some sorting, have a good one everyone. x

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  1. Oh no, the dreaded craft room tidy! It's a time when realisation kicks in for me of how much stuff I actually have!! Doesn't stop me spending though lol! So glad that Ria won an award for her French book!
    Love Becky xx


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