Monday 1 September 2008


Well my plans for this weeks Dottie challenge are not going according to plan so I might have to have a backup one ready just in case! My mums card is moving along nicely I'm pleased with it so far! Unfortunately I am back at work tomorrow afternoon I had kinda got used to being off as its been just over 2 weeks! and already they have been phoning and changing shifts around I actually got a call at 6am this morning coz someone had gone sick and they wondered if I could go in and cover - not on your life! anyway no childcare! but yes 2 shifts have been altered already this week never mind by the time I get home tomorrow night it wont feel like I've been away! Well I hope you are all having better weather than we are having here it feels like winter has decended upon us, its blowing a hooley and raining quite heavily - what happened to the late summer we are supposed to be having in September - me thinks they got it wrong again! Oh well I'm off to bed so will catch with you all again real soon. night night. xx


  1. Oh... I am wondering what your elaborate idea is!! ?? mm...hope it works, I'm intrigued!!
    sorry to hear you have to go back to work :P Be nice not to work wouldn't it!!
    Hope you had a nice sleep!

  2. hmmm i'm looking forward to seeing this creations.Crikey them 2 weeks have gone by quick :0

    Hugs to ya:)


  3. I hope it works out Jac, it sounds very interesting! I'm so glad I don't do shift work, I'd never know where I was!!
    Love Becky xx

  4. Oh Jac, wouldn't it be good to win the lottery and be able to give up work! We can have our dreams eh? I can't wait to see your card. xx


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