Tuesday 28 July 2009

Latest on the kitchen etc

Well after today the renovations should be complete and we should be free of workmen, I'll believe that when I see it! but I thought I'd just post the pics that I took last Thursday (23rd) and then hopefully later this week I'll be able to show you the finished pics! (keep your fingers crossed! .lol) I can only say I will be extremely relieved to get it all finished and over with! At least we have had a kitchen

sink (under the window)to be able to wash up in and that certainly made a difference but we havent been able to use our shower as the bath hasnt been sealed in thats today!(thankfully MIL lives just at the bottom of the estate and her work was completed before ours started we have been using hers and her washing machine!) Oh well time to get ready for work and then when I get home tonight it should all be done! yipeeeeeeeee! will let you know tomorrow.

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