Wednesday 8 July 2009

The Kitchen

Well as mentioned yesterday here are a few pics off what is happening here at the mo. Today has been particularly noisy as they are trying to take up the old flooring and making the spaces for new sockets and our walls are pretty hard! Also today the bathroom has been dismantled and already the new bath is in! They need to do work on pipes from the tank in the attic but its quite a squeeze up there with all my storage! so he decided to do it from the airing cupboard but the lizards vivarium is in the way of the second door of the cupboard where he needs to get to so decided to go back up in the attic only to discover the tank is an old asbestos one and is a no go when it comes to adding pipes etc so back down to the airing cupboard so tonight or early tomorrow morning we have to very carefully move the viv (its very very heavy) and fingers crossed the glass dont break! What a palava but it will be worth it in the end! It is so noisy here though at the moment and I have to pop across the road to a friend every time I need the loo at the mo too! lol Anyway I have had a chance to go blog hopping and that was niceto catch up with what people have been up to and to see what challenges I have missed - might try to get some done over the next couple of days as really cant do much in the way of hw LOL. Hopefully be back later xx


  1. Jac you have my sympathies my friend. This time last year I was having the bathroom ripped out and part of the kitchen redone so I know how noisy and disrupting it is. Ispent a few weeks going to my Mums for a shower, luckily we have two loos so that wasn't so bad.

    It'll be worth all the upheavel Jac and I got loads of crafting done because I couldn't do anything else!

  2. Oh I can so understand what you are going through Jac! Think of it all finished and keep that in your mind to help you through!LOL.

    We still haven't finished, got a few little odd jobs still to do but it has so been worth all the mess.




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