Saturday 27 February 2010

Dotties World - Its a Small Thing

I was really looking forward to this challenge over at Dotties World this week, had it all planned out in my head and I tried several attempts which ended up in the bin! I stuck with my idea but it hasnt turned out as well as I had hoped but at least this one I will be able to use. I am planning on making a little mini book of all the D&G and others images so that I can refer to that even when my pc isnt on and make my plans, so I hope to make a few more of these to hang from the binding wires (this is not yet started but it is in the planning stages!) But I just had to use this image of Holly in USA as it really is one of my all time favourites. Hopefully one day I will get the hang of this shrink plastic stuff! TFL and sorry for cutting it so fine yet again!


  1. What a great idea - glad I wasnt the only one cutting it fine

  2. Hello
    Love this idea, and this litle piece wih Holly is great. Such a great job on this.
    Sometimes things seems better in the head and doesn`t turn out as we want them to do. That is not fun, but I guess we all experience this from time to time.
    Wish you a great week.
    Gunn :-D


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