Saturday 13 December 2008

Dotties World Challenge Textural Ribbon & Lace

Well I am really sorry to say that I have just quite simply run out of time this week and was feeling really annoyed and fed up that I hadnt managed to complete this weeks challenge which was As well as using at least one Charmed Download there must also be some ribbon and/or lace on your creations. When sat staring me in the face is the card I made last night for the SCSC challenge which was embossing! Well embossing is texture but I had also added some ribbon and used a charmed download so this one qualifies for the challenge (I think I've only missed one so far and thats coz I was away!)and now I dont feel so fed up apart from the fact that I have to go to work so for my card for this challenge please see the pic of the adorable Scruff in th e post below. Come to think of it the other card has ribbon and download too! lol Have a great weekend everyone. TFL


  1. Lovely cute card Jac! Clever you managing to fit two challenges lol! It's annoying when we don't get our playtime isn't it? xxx

  2. Sorry to here time is against you, but trying to fit so much into an already crammed day - something just has to give.

    Your card is perfect for the Dottie challnge, love the CB embossing folders, and the ribbon is truely gorgeous!

    thank you,

    love Dingle.xx

  3. It's just perfect sweetheart. Thank you for playying.xx

  4. LOL - you are funny!
    Love Scruff! Perfect!
    Ruth xx

  5. Loving the scruff card too... I know how you feel about missing a challenge..The first one I missed really pained me... and then missing more and more I was getting very annoyed and sad! I'm glad your other card fir the challenge requirements :) How perfect! lol!


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