Saturday 20 December 2008

Need to make more cards ..

about another 9! Just realised I didnt have quite enough!lol Been busy today putting all the decs up, Ria did the main tree and I took some pics for the christmas scrapbook (when I get time!) Tomorrow the Vivarium for Rias dragons arrives then we have to go and do some food shopping, the extra treat bits for christmas then its home again to do the outside lights and set the vivarium up so that it gets warm ready to collect the dragons either Tuesday after work of Wednesday morning. I cant believe I have had a week off work it has flown by and I dont seem to have stopped, so its back to work Mon & Tues, christmas eve off late shift christmas day then 3 days off so at least I've got those to look forward to. We dont have our main christmas dinner til boxing day when I'm working on christmas day otherwise its too much of a rush and I never feel like going to work then! Got Adrians mum, brother, sister-in-law and her daughter joining us on boxing day so it should be a good day (not much chance of popping on the pc though!lol) Anyway I have managed 1 card so far tonight its PM papers, various bits of coloured cs, peeloffs, glitter glue and a quickcutz die. This is actually for our neighbours who keep chickens and we buy our egss from them - delicious! thought the 3 french hens was quite apt! TFL


  1. Oooh very exciting that the Dragons are coming... can't wait to see some piccies!! :)
    the French hens card is very apt for your neighbour with chickens - bet they'll love it!!

  2. Very exciting about the Dragons coming!

    It's a brilliant card Jac, your neighbours will love it! How lucky are you popping next door for fresh eggs!

    We both have an Adrian!!! My DH is Adrian too. We have at least 2 cards addressed Adrain and Lea though lol!

  3. Hi Jac! Gorgeous card Hon and sounds like you've got a busy time ahead of you, I don't evny you having to work on Christmas day!
    Thanks so much for my adorable Christmas card, I love the shakie eyes!!
    If I don't speak to you before I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!!
    Love Becky xx

  4. Jac this is lovely and so different too.

    Thanks for the gorgeous xmas card darl,and i wish you and your family a very merry christmas :-)


  5. I'm back boy have I missed you and your friends. It's been good to catch with all your great cards this evening. Thanks to Becky and Sammi for their comments. Would another visit to your town Sammi.

  6. I should have a proof reader, that should have read "would love another visit to your home town"

  7. To all the local guys and gals you will know these songs with the videos.
    For all of my out of town friends you will get a good laugh watching all the Christmas videos. Our local news channel 4 presents these each Christmas season the new for this year is the Modular home one. Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas
    Paper piecing patty
    Momma 411

    Santa and his reindeers use to live here

    12 yats of Christmas (new version)

    aint there no more (new Orleans business that are no longer in business)
    Santa and his reindeer got their modular home


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