Friday 8 April 2011

Shopped til I dropped!

Well I have had a great day!  A crafting friend and I went to Shepton Mallet for the Stitch & Creative Crafts event and I shopped, had lunch and shopped some more! and now I am shattered but have been sat here admiring my purchases!  I bought a real assortment of bits and at the moment cant decide which is my favourite, quite possibly it will be the mesh ribbon that I got in 6 different colours because after watching the demo I was hooked! so expect to see that appearing on some projects soon, also got some card templates to make it easier to create some different cards and I managed to find an 'round it all' which I have wanted for quite some time but finding one at the right price is another matter (this one cost me £12)! lol  I'm now really looking forward to getting some serious playtime in but that wont be this weekend unfortunately! :(

Hope you all have a great crafting weekend. xx

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