Tuesday 5 April 2011

Helloooooooo! I am still here

Hello one and all, I am still here really but having been having major problems with my internet connection but thanks to a very nice man at Virgin all appears to be well again now, can't believe its been almost a week with out proper connection.  It really is amazing how much we have come to rely on the internet but all is now well again in our house!  Anyway this means I have missed some challenges, am behind on leaving comments but I did have a nice surpise while I was playing catch up on the challenges for the week, my Mothers Day card where I hid the message under the image was the winner of the challenge over at Crafts 4 Eternity so I am thrilled about that.  You'd think with no internet I'd have been able to create loads of cards but what with work and trying to get it all sorted I have not done any crafting so really must pull my finger out and get going again.  

See you all out there in blogland. xx

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  1. doh.. that's annoying! Hope the computer problems are sorted soon!!
    Congrats on winning the challenge at Crafts 4 Eternity!


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