Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Some New Storage

After spending half the day wandering round Yeovil, we ended up back at the first shop where we had looked at storage! lol So I got the drawer sets (3 in total) which will end up sat on the stairwell filled with all sorts, havent decided what yet and also got 6 of the red baskets (3 filled already!) which will go on the shelves the Adrian is going to put in the old wardrobe. I'm really trying to have a good sort out while I'm at it and have sorted out some old stamps mainly foam type that I bought right at the begining and I am going to take them in to be used at work but right now my craft room really does look like a bomb hit it so much so that I dont even have the room to craft tonight. Oh also bought a new table lamp with a halogen bulb so it will give good light for colouring with! Well I'm not doing anymore tonight going to have a bath and early night for a change and then hit into it big time tomorrow and then hopefully I will have time to craft tomorrow night too. Night all, take care and thanks for popping by. xx


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