Thursday 11 March 2010

Craft room update

Well today we had planned to get the shelves sorted but as is usually the case, it did not go according to plan! and that is where I will leave that subject until hopefully we achieve them on Sunday!lol So anyway am still sorting and throwing and re boxing various bits and pieces and deciding where they are all going to go. While I was doing this I thought I could put my nesties into one of the new drawers (yesterdays post) but I didnt really want them just floating around and suddenly had a brainwave (they really dont happen very often!lol so I make the most of them which is why I'm telling you!lol) years ago when I first started scrapping and card making I took part in circle journals - really enjoyed them and have about 5 lovely books full of others artistic works, anyway back to my story, well I had to have book rings to hold them together which were a problem to find so when I did find them I bought loads, silver & coloured and 3 different sizes - I never was one to do things by half! so after rooting about abit this evening I found them and now each set of nesties is kept together on its own book ring and they are safely sat in a new drawer and I'm feeling pleased with myself - how sad am I!!!!!!!!!lol Am really missing my crafting but there really is no room in here at the mo tho I might just have to sit downstairs and do a little digi scrapping instead to prevent any further withdrawl! well thats it for now, hopefully I will have more to show or tell tomorrow. Take care and thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. I'm so jealous Jac! My craft stashes are taking over the house corner by corner, but I haven't much room for actually doing anything.Lol.
    Take Care
    Kim x

  2. oooh... sounding good! It will so be worth having to have a little crafting break once it's all ready! :D


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