Thursday 30 April 2009


Ooops in deed! When I finished work today after getting all my paperwork completed on time I popped into town to run some errands and just thought I'd poke my head round the door of my lcs. Well it was raining so I thought I'd get some shelter for 5 mins. Well after 10 mins I'm walking back to the car (very quickly I might add due to the rain - dont do running!lol) get there put my bag in and guess what there are 4 new sets of Daisy & Dandelion stamps in my bag along with an Xcut border die and a magazine! And all I can say is ... OMG how did they get there! Well hopefully tomorrow morning I might actually get some time in which to make a card. And which of you out there follows ER? well all I can say is roll on next Thursday a double episode AND George Clooney I will be in heaven! lol Now its time to say goodnight as the matchsticks propping my eyes open keep snapping. Good night all and take care. xx


  1. LOL! Similar to me at the shops yesterday! Trouble is - for me to get home from work I have to change buses at a huge shopping centre and I missed the connection yesterday, which cost me about £20! Papers, flowers, ribbons and a magazine ... oh dear!

  2. lol... ya know Jac exactly the same thing happened to me on monday,4 sets od D&sD new ones.4 packs of sentminets,bazzill card,and the do-crafts goody amazing how they just seem to jump in ya


  3. Don't you girls have any self control. Can anyone tell how come that I went out for lunch y'day and came home with new shoes. One of these days I will find a pair that are as comfee at home as they seemed to be in the shop....and I have tried lots

  4. Know what you mean thought I would avoid the LCS as trying to save money and some bargins came up on a certain auction site and they just had to be brought - but a least I now have some more tria pens - unfortunatley I can hear DD calling me at the craft shop as well lol


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