Monday 20 April 2009

Happy Happy Happy! ;)

Yep I'm sure feeling happy today! Had a major spend up now need to find time to use the bits! Firstly I went to my local craft shop and bought loads of paper flowers (papermania/imaginisce), some more glue tape and some doodlebug cs (glittered and flocked) and pp then when I got home I popped over to Charmed Cards and Crafts primarily to preorder the gorgeous Annie stamps and while I was there 2 sets of nestabilties just happend to fall into my basket too! What fun! But I didnt spend everything as there is a new digi-stamp collection on its way and if you havent yet caught a glimpse of whats to come just check him out, yes I did say him, this gorgeous new hunk is Mikey and is the boyfriend of Madison and should be available at the weekend - woohoo its my weekend off too! Right now that I've got all that off my chest I had best get back to some thrilling paperwork on the mental capacity act! lol So looking forward to Thursday as its my next day off and I want to craft, havent done any for nearly 2 weeks now and its killing me! Bye for now. xx


  1. Oh what are you like Jac!! I think you deserve a treat though!!
    Love Becky xx

  2. She had lots of treats last week but she did miss out on her usual trip to the craft shop. Which ment I missed out on the garden centre and Ria missed the pet shop! My treat is a week-end of luxury. That should help me recover from the shock to my system. 1daughter, 1 grandaughter and 2 labradors....I need a rest. Feeling my age....Sandbanks here I come

  3. Hee Hee, hi Mum, thought your laptop wasnt working! We did have a lovely time and lots of treats but I did have fun spending today too! Enjoy Sandbanks.

  4. LOL! Mums are great aren't they!? Well done with spoiling her mum!

    Glad you enjoyed your spending spree, Jac! I am waiting for Annie to be released as single stamps, otherwise that's too much for me all at once - 2 months' craft budget at once ... I'm waiting for Mikey too!


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