Friday 10 April 2009

:( No crafting for a week! :(

Sad to not be crafting for the next week but looking forward to spending the week with my mum and dad. Work has been so hectic that I hardly had time to stop and think this week hence not many cards completed! I had hoped to finish a Dotties World Challenge one but it just aint gonna happen but hopefully once I get back and we get thru april and May at work things will settle down again and I'll get the chance to be more prolific again. Anyway I hope you all have a Fantastic Easter and I will try and drop by while I'm at mums. x


  1. HAPPY EASTER Jac!! I'm off for a week now too... hope to be around more when i get back too! Have fun at your parents :)

  2. Happy Easter Jac! Hope you have a great time at your mums!
    Stamps... um... probably will buy some (add to the huge collection!!) Will depend on the postage though!
    Love Becky xx

  3. Hope you are having a fantastic time Jac!


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