Saturday 25 October 2008

Dotties World Challenge - Not a Card

Louise decided it was time for a change and threw down this challenge - Make something using a Charmed download but IT CAN'T BE A CARD! Great challenge Lou! Well I have made something that is not a card but as per usual it hasnt turned out quite how I wanted it to so I may well be back later tonight with another attempt and I think I have now decided that me and shrink dont mix very well! I made this for a friend who collects witches but I'm not sure if I will give it to her or not at the moment. My printer is still playing up big time which could mean I'll need a new one - gulp! but I did manage to print the main image onto the shrink then I over coloured it with sakura metallics and stardust pens, took ages to shrink and it hasnt shrunk as neatly as I wanted! Added the leather cord and a silver bead to finish it off. Sorry its not a great pic but no-one around to help with that so am wearing it and taking the pic! lol! TFL


  1. Jac, this is an absolutely fantastic idea - Dottie jewellery, WoW! I don't get on too well with shrink plastic either and I think practice makes perfect, but you have done a fine job. xxx

  2. I think you should definately give it to your friend, she'll love it. It looks great! I like how Dottie looks like she's in front of a nice big spooky full moon.

  3. I love it, I thought of using shrink plastic but have never used it before and I did not know if you could put through a printer. I think you should give it to your friend she will love it.

  4. Yes, give it to your friend! I'm sure she'll love it, especially as you've made it yourself! And who could resist such a cute witch?

    I tried shrink plastic for the first time for the challenge last week, but it didn't work out, so I didn't use it in the end!

    Ruth x

  5. What a wonderful idea!! :) I haven't used shrink plastic for about 20yrs! wow!! :) I think your friend would love it!!


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