Tuesday 21 October 2008

Ria on Dartmoor

Just thought I'd quickly add a couple of pics from Rias weekend on Dartmoor, the first is of her having a rest having relieved herself of her rucksack and the second one is one she took and is rather proud off, says it really gives her the feeling of religion, I must admit I am impressed with the pic too, no dount she will manage a scarpbook page or 2 eventually of the pics she took, she didnt take many as the camera was playing up (typical!) TFL Right I'm off to bed now, stuggling to keep my eyes open but I so wanted to get the CCT challenge completed, think I'm going to have to start combining my challenges if I'm running out of time but I prefer to keep them separate! Goodnight. x


  1. Wow! What an amazing photo that Ria took, and her rucksack looks very big! No wonder she had sore shoulders poor love!
    Love Becky xx

  2. love the photos, So gald Ria had a fabby time,bet she was glad to have a rest after carrying that rucksack:-)

  3. Great photos!! Glad Ria got a rest... Great capture of the light coming through the clouds!! :) LOVE it!!

  4. Lovely pic of Ria having got rid of the huge rucksack.

    Now that second photo is amazing, it does give you a shiver as you look at it with the light on the cross - brilliant!


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