Tuesday 26 August 2008

Santa Dottie

Another post from me tonight! Well just a very quick one - made this christmas card tonight while I was playing but I'm not really sure about it so I would like to know what you think. Its a cuttlebug embossing folder which I have added some chalk to over the buildings (not done anything like that before) then in the foreground I have placed Santa Dottie raised on foam pads and added a peel off sentiment. I keep looking at it and one minute I like it and the next I dont! I had lots of ideas when I bought this folder and now I'm not so sure they will work needs carefull consideration! lol TFL I'm off to bed now so will catch you all tomorrow. x


  1. I like it! I think the chalking on the buildings works well and the colour you've chosen for that goes nicely with Dottie's outfit!

    Go play some more...! LOL!
    Ruth x

  2. Awesome card Jac!! It looks so fabulous... I love the chalk and that embossed background!! :) yes - do more, do more!! :)

  3. I think it's gorgeous Jac! So pretty!
    Love Becky xx

  4. Jac I honestly and truly think it's fabulous, lovely and chrismassy. :o)

  5. i think it's great Jac.I have this folder and ran it through my BS a few weeks back but i couln't think what to do with it..lol well done:)

    hope you had a fabby holiday:)


  6. Right Jac, you know how people say "I love it!" and though they're most likely telling the truth you don't know whether or not too believe them? Well, believe when I say I LOVE IT!!!100% This card is beautiful in it's simplicity and has a real stylish look to it.I love that background, never seen it before but I'll be looking out for it because I'd love to make a 'Jac inspired' card like this.


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