Thursday 14 August 2008

Morning All

Well good morning on this bright and sunny morning (well it is August! though you could be mistaken for not realising it!lol) This afternoon is my last shift til September 1st and boy does that feel good! I just hope its a much better one than yesterday, I came away feeling a bit black and blue but thankfully this morning there is no signs of bruising just a bit achy! Sorry but no time to craft this morning got a few bits round the house to do and on Sunday Ria and I are off to stay with my parents for the week but I will try and pop on from mums every now and again. Anyway tara for now and happy crafting to you all. x


  1. Don't work too hard Jac and make sure ya get plenty of rest at ya mams and ENJOY yourself too:)


  2. she always gets lots of rest (and good food) but this time I thought we might change things and SHE can try out my new oven, or maybe Ria she is all grown up now. I've seen the pictures. But who ever does the cooking we shall have fun.

  3. Nice one Mum! Looks like Ria is cooking then! lol

  4. Ria says: Yay I LLLLooooovvvveeeeee to cook (although I do need some help) lol :)


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