Wednesday 21 May 2008

Well another couple of busy days. Yesterday was work and then back and forwards to hosp and school with Ria for routine check ups then school pick up then we decided it was a good day to take a trip to ASDA as we needed food, by the time that was all done packed away and we had tea it was close to 11pm! Today doesnt promise to be much quieter, school run first thing now I'm off to do a 2nd job before going to my normal job this afternoon, by the time I finish there and get home (10pm approx) I shall be glad to fall into bed. BUT..... I have managed to print the bits for my Dotties World challenge so as I've got a day off 2moro I hope to de able to put it all together and do a digi lo challenge too! fingers crossed. Bye for now. x

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