Wednesday 28 May 2008

Dotties World Challenge #3

Hi all,

well I've had a very busy couple of days with work and no time for crafting but my DD Ria has! she decided to have a go at challenge #3 on Dottie's World Well, it's that time again and this week I've come up with a nice easy one for you, a recipe!Here are the ingedients;1 or more Charmed Downloads1 bradRibbon Hand doodling/writingDry embossing or crimping (CB embossing folders etc..)Mix them all together and see what happens! Warning....Do NOT put it in the oven! LOL She missed out the dry embossing but got everything else, hope you like it.

We are trying to have a crafting day today so there might be more stuff uploaded later.

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wowee!!!!Way to go Ria! You are the first ever child to take part in one of our challenges. If I hadn't read what your mum wrote I'd have thought she'd done it, it's amazing. You'd better watch out Mum, you have some serious competition there.

  2. Great Blog and cards Jac, but I think this one is my favourite (possibly because it has a cat on it!) but it is just so original and I love the colours so well done Ria, I would be happy to get a card like this for my birthday!.


  3. Hi Jac!
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I was so chuffed! Dottie and George are so cute aren't they? Love your cards, must get the cat downloads, love the cat on Dottie's knee whilst she knits!
    Lots of Love Becky xx

  4. Oh wow!! Great work Ria :)

  5. Fantastic Ria!!! I just love this card.

  6. Ria I adore this card... you are going to become a great crafter


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