Tuesday 13 May 2008

Louise's new Cats

OMG have you seen the new download over at Charmed Cards & Crafts, these Cats are fantastic and designed by Louise of Dottie & George fame. Is there no end to this womans talent? I for one certainly hope not!

Anyway as for me ... well I've had a day feeling rather washed out and rather buggyfied full of coughs and sneezes so have spent the day doing not a lot but I did get round to backing up my photo and card files so not totally wasted I suppose! Fingers crossed I'll feel a bit more like doing something tomorrow especially as not back to work til Friday all being well.

Well everyone take care out there in blog land and maybe catch you 2moro.


  1. Oh how sweet of you Jac, I could hug you! xxxxx
    I hope you're feeling better now.


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