Thursday 22 December 2011

TGF Heart Journal ~ week 22 ~ Music of the heart

Gosh can you believe there is only one more week to go with the TGF heART Journal, what a journey it has been, one I have enjoyed and at times struggled with but now that it is nearing the end I think I will actually miss it!  Anyway this weeks theme was 'music of the heart' well I listen to a very wide range of music and it really depends on how I am feeling at any given time as to what I will listen to so I wanted a way of adding all the different artists and bands on and this is what I came up with.  

I was making a christmas card and needed some music paper, remembered a very old magazine (1934) that I picked up in a charity shop for 20p after making the card I decided to use some of the paper as my background then I noticed the book title was 'Popular Music' so just had to use that and it was edited by someone called Jack Payne so I cut out the edited by JAC part! Made the popular music title into a pocket and added 2 tags that I have used to write the names of the artists/bands that I mainly listen to at the moment. I just knew that old magazine would come in handy one day! lol
As always thanks for stopping by on this incredible journey, only one more week to go :(

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