Thursday 22 April 2010


Sorry for shouting but I am excited! I had a wonderful surprise parcel arrive on Tuesday and it had no note with it and when I opened it I could hardly believe my eyes a set of 72 copic ciao pens - totally awesome. Now I hadnt entered any comps that I could remember so that really narrowed it down. Adrian was home at the time as we were getting stuff down from the loft and he said well if you dont know who its from you cant use them! they might not be for you! Like I would be able to not use them! lol So I sent a text to my mum thinking she must have been my mystery giver but no it wasnt and whilst sending her another text I received a call from my wonderful sister saying 'they've arrived then!' apparently she was fed up reading my blog and seeing that I didnt have the right colours for challenges so she thought she's help me out! You gotta love this girl, I certainly do especially as she spent 2 days researching them to ensure she got the right ones and looking at what colours I had by backtracking my blog to make sure she got the right set in order not to have too many duplicates (my sister is not a crafter but she has always been very thorough in everything she does) So now I have loads of great copics to play with and after tomorrow I have the whole weekend off which I am so looking forward to as its been a heavy few days at work this week.


  1. What a wonderful gift .. and what a fabulous sister.That was a fantastic thing for her to do.
    I am an only child ... and have always hated it. To hear of sisterly love is a beautiful thing . You are really lucky ... not just having the copics lol
    Lisa ;)

  2. whoooo hooo!!!!!!!
    What a wonderful sister you have! and wow - how great that she did that research too! :D
    Can't wait to see your copic creations now!! yay!!!


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