Thursday 12 June 2008

Not much happening!

Well its my day off today and I dont seem to be getting anywhere - mind you had the boiler serviceman here for nearly 2 hours doing an annual check and as always they find a problem and replace bits I think over the past few years we have had every conceivable part replaced why they dont just replace the whole thing for once and all I dont know, this time it was leaking inside (it was leaking out last time very wet stuff in my boiler cupboard!) give it a couple of days and it will probably go wrong yet again! So apart from blog hopping and lunch I really haven't done anything although it has been nice to be lazy for a change and this afternoon I'm going to have a go at the robo challenge on UKScrappers poor old Robbie has been feeling a bit neglected recently! Did mangae to complete the last of my anniversary cards did this one using JS victorian birthdays againbut didnt get time to scan it before I had to deliver it! Right off to play with Robbie now, catch you all later. x

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  1. Hi Jac, nice to hear you having a lazy day for a change:-) bad news about the boiler though:-( Looking forward to seeing what you turn out with robbie:-)

    Hugs to ya



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