Wednesday, 24 June 2015

No card but

I thought I'd share where I've been this evening.  After 2 long days and an early at work which have been 3 busy days Adrian thought I could do with some relaxing time so we went to West Bay gabbed some burger and chips and then went out to West Bexington (a little further along the coast) and enjoyed our tea and then while Adrian tried to catch tea for tomorrow night I sat and enjoyed the warmth of the evening sun and read some of my book.  We stayed down till just after 9 then picked Ria up from her boyfriends on the way home.  I feel nicely relaxed and looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

This is how it all looked on our arrival at about 8pm

A good read, almost finished will probably do so tonight in bed! lol

The sky an hour later 

We really are lucky to live where we do!  Just a shame we aren't having fresh fish for tea tomorrow!

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  1. Yes Jac you are a lucky girl living in such a beautiful part of the world,used to love to visit the south when I could, thanks for sharing with us...xx


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