Wednesday, 16 November 2011

TGF Heart Journal ~ week 17 ~ Soul Food

Ok the theme this week for the TGF HeArt Journal is 'Soul Food' and the story behind this one is that when visiting my mum and dad earlier this year we had popped into a cafe for a quick cuppa and there on the counter was this piece of Gypsy Tart, (this is a traditional Kentish dish) now I havent had Gypsy Tart in years and I mean years so the next thing we were on the phone to my aunt who is the Gypsy Tart queen asking nay begging for a Gypsy Tart while we were there and she was very good and sure enough made a divine Gypsy Tart.  Basically it is pastry case filled with evaporated milk and muscavado sugar whisked together and then baked in the oven til set, it is delicious but very difficult to describe the taste apart from very sweet sort of butterscothy, toffee yummy need I say more?! lol not good for someone trying to lose weight as I have put on a couple of lbs just thinking about it! lol  Then we went on to Ria's choice well hers is a Choco Cheatza which is a concoction we came up with one evening while we were having a girlie night in infront of the tv and it consists of a square wrap base covered in choc spread, sprinkled with marshmallows and then put under a hot grill til the marshmallows start to melt and brown - very yummy and great fun and yes we have made them again and again!  I also had a very crazy notion while I was devising the page that I would use canvas and colour it using coffee - yes I did say coffee! lol well I didnt have paint in the right colour and thought the canvas would soak up too much ink! just finished it off with a couple of stamped sentiments using espresso ink (of course!) Had great fun with this one.

Thanks for joining us on our journal journey xx

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  1. oh my tummy is rumbling now!! I must try the cheatza .. it sounds yummy.. mind you so does the cake ... oh no.. bang goes my diet too
    Lisa x


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