Sunday 1 August 2010

Ria Riding

Well I have finally got round to scanning in the pics that were taken when Ria went horse riding for project week, the photos cost us £10 for the 2! but I am glad we bought them as we couldnt make it see her in action so this was the next best thing.  She had a fab week got 4 rosettes, was the person who improved the most over the week and she attained her Progressive Riding Test One from British Horse Society so not bad for a complete novice!  She was the only one in the group who hadnt ridden before!  Her horse was called Todd and quiet lazy when in the school but loved to jump so she was lucky there.  She only fell off once and by all accounts she did that very gracefully! lol  The pics show her showjumping and doing cross-country not bad for 1 week.

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