Friday 16 October 2009


Why is it when I want to try something different it never seems to work out. Been putting together my latest piece for the Dotties World Challenge and it just hasn't worked like I wanted it to and I'm soooooo annoyed now I've only got tomorrow morning to come up with an alternative! :(
On a brighter note though, I have started a digi photography and image manipulation course for beginners and already have learnt some interesting stuff and the great thing is its working with Photoshop Elements which is the programme I use. So just because I can here are a couple of the images I have done so far. These have been acheived by using the colour controls within the levels area. Oh and the one of the twins bouncing on the trampoline is using the clone stamp (always wondered how that worked and now I know!) There could only ever be 1 Ria! lol

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  1. oh how cool!! Love the twins! what a handful. lol! Love the coloured photos too! xxx


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