Monday, 7 September 2009

Wedding costumes

Ok, when you have finished laughing and managed to sit back on your seats ! lol this is us in all our 'Regency' finery for the wedding we attended at the weekend. Now I know why I hate having my picture taken! The costumes were admired I must add and I think my neighbour did a marvelous job on my dress seeing as I only gave her a weeks notice and no real pattern! Adrians outfit is hired from a fancy dress shop and I have to add that the buckles on the shoes arent his they are held on with elastic!! lol Well on that note I'm off for a lie down in a dark room to get over my embarressment and I may crawl out again tomorrow after I've taken the outfit back or it may not bet til wednesday as I've got a late shift tomorrow! Byeeee.


  1. oooh.... I'm not laughing.. I'm impressed!! Love the outfits :)
    Nice to see a pic of you too!

  2. You two look wonderful!! No need to hide at all, would love to see you do a digi LO of this photo!!
    Love Becky xx


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